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Financial Agency (Fina) is the leading Croatian company in the field of financial mediation and the application of information technologies which meet the user requirements. Coverage on a national scale, information system well-proved by the most challenging projects of national importance and high professional level of expert teams are Fina’s greatest advantages,  because of which it is able to prepare and carry out different projects: from simple financial transactions to the most sophisticated projects in the electronic business.

With its extensive branch network, Fina covers the entire territory of Croatia following the logic and the intensity of economic activities, while the information systems used to connect the branches enable Fina to meet even the most demanding client demands in a very short period of time. Each branch offers individualized financial and administrative services.



Fina is a unique service provider for market stakeholders, featuring financial intermediation solutions, quality business information, network-based and public services provided electronically or through a well-developed business network. Fina develops market-oriented products and services dedicated to cherishing tradition and protecting the public interest and the company’s portfolio comprises the best quality innovative products and services tailored to client needs and expectations and founded on the principles of corporate social responsibility.


By following the best European practices, supporting innovation and meeting client needs, Fina will establish itself as the leading provider of high value-added business products and services in Southeast Europe, benefiting its employees, clients and the wider community.



Appreciation of the importance of knowledge and incentivized innovation

Business networking and social responsibility

Continuous enhancement of business solutions and customizing for clients

Tradition, professionalism and original business solutions



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